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ActiveState Code (together with the ActiveState Community site) is ActiveState's developer community site. Here we want to provide useful resources to help developers using dynamic languages and open web technologies learn, share and get stuff done. ActiveState believes that open source dynamic languages are a more productive way to program 1 and we want to promote their use.

Use dynamic languages and get more done. Enjoy!

Code Recipes

ActiveState Code Recipes is a resource for learning from and sharing code recipes — with a focus on dynamic languages and languages used for web development. The recipes you'll find here highlight programming best practices and can be used directly in day-to-day tasks, as a source of ideas, or as a way to learn more about languages or libraries. We invite you to contribute code, comments, and ratings for recipes. The recipes are freely available for review and use.

The Python recipes are also called the online "Python Cookbook." In collaboration with O'Reilly & Associates the code recipes site has helped spawn two books: The Python Cookbook and The Python Cookbook (second edition) with a third edition in the works.

Mailing List Archives

ActiveState List Archives is a fast and !fugly list archive for mailing lists important to dynamic language development communities (and ActiveState's own hosted mailing lists). Pure and simple.

PPM Index

PPM Index is a site to search for and browse Perl packages that are available in the PPM repositories. All packages uploaded to CPAN can be browsed in PPM Index, along with build information for each of them in the PPM repositories. Read more ...

PyPM Index

PyPM Index is a site to search for and browse Python packages that are available in the PyPM repositories. All packages registered in PyPI can be browsed in PyPM Index, along with build information for each of them in the PyPM repositories. Read more ...

Komodo Bits

Komodo logo

Komodo Bits is a site to help Komodo IDE and Edit users get the most out of their IDE or editor. Currently there isn't (yet) a whole lot here, but we've just started building this out. There are, however, a number of useful resources for Komodo spread out on ActiveState's sites. Here are some links:


ActiveState Code is built on Django, ActivePython, mod_wsgi and a number of other open source projects. The ActiveState List Archives are built on PHP and webnews. Sincere thanks to the members of those projects for their great work. In addition, some specific thanks follow:

  • The excellent famfamfam Silk set of icons is always a valuable resource.
  • The Cab project -- the code behind Djangosnippets -- was helpful in early developmentent of this site while the author got his Django-legs.
  • The Web-News project: an oldie but a goodie.

  1. And hence a more fun way to program. Programming is creating and problem solving and those should be fun.