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import time
from PDFWriter import PDFWriter
import netius.servers

def get_pdf():
    pw = PDFWriter('hello-from-netius.pdf')
    pw.setFont('Courier', 10)
    pw.setHeader('PDF generated by xtopdf, a PDF library for Python')
    pw.setFooter('Using netius Python network library, at {}'.format(time.ctime()))
    pw.writeLine('Hello world! This is a test PDF served by Netius, ')
    pw.writeLine('a Python networking library; PDF created with the help ')
    pw.writeLine('of xtopdf, a Python library for PDF creation.')
    pdf_fil = open('hello-from-netius.pdf', 'rb')
    pdf_str = pdf_fil.read()
    pdf_len = len(pdf_str)
    return pdf_len, pdf_str

def app(environ, start_response):
    status = "200 OK"
    content_len, contents = get_pdf()
    headers = (
        ("Content-Length", content_len),
        ("Content-type", "application/pdf"),
        ("Connection", "keep-alive")
    start_response(status, headers)
    yield contents

server = netius.servers.WSGIServer(app = app)
server.serve(port = 8080)