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def wait_net_service(server, port, timeout=None):
    """ Wait for network service to appear 
        @param timeout: in seconds, if None or 0 wait forever
        @return: True of False, if timeout is None may return only True or
                 throw unhandled network exception
    import socket
    import errno

    s = socket.socket()
    if timeout:
        from time import time as now
        # time module is needed to calc timeout shared between two exceptions
        end = now() + timeout

    while True:
            if timeout:
                next_timeout = end - now()
                if next_timeout < 0:
                    return False
            s.connect((server, port))
        except socket.timeout, err:
            # this exception occurs only if timeout is set
            if timeout:
                return False
        except socket.error, err:
            # catch timeout exception from underlying network library
            # this one is different from socket.timeout
            if type(err.args) != tuple or err[0] != errno.ETIMEDOUT:
            return True


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