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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

def din5007(input):
	""" This function implements sort keys for the german language according to 
	DIN 5007."""
	# key1: compare words lowercase and replace umlauts according to DIN 5007
	key1=key1.replace(u"ä", u"a")
	key1=key1.replace(u"ö", u"o")
	key1=key1.replace(u"ü", u"u")
	key1=key1.replace(u"ß", u"ss")
	# key2: sort the lowercase word before the uppercase word and sort
	# the word with umlaut after the word without umlaut
	# in case two words are the same according to key1, sort the words
	# according to key2. 
	return (key1, key2)

words=[u"All", u"Tränen", u"Zauber", u"aber", u"tränen", u"zum", u"Ärger", u"ärgerlich"]

print sorted(words, key=din5007)


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