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    Takes a 'photo' of the winxp startmenu as a memory aid.
    pyspeech (0.0.1)
    Speech parsing toolkit for python3.
    Django models to make a sysadmins life easier
    jinja2-cli (0.2.0)
    A CLI interface to Jinja2
    jenkviz (0.3.0)
    Crawl a jenkins build and report stats and graphs about the build flow.
    Janitor (0.1.1)
    Simple HTTP Server behind the OAuth
    ssbench (0.2.22)
    SwiftStack Swift Benchmarking Suite
    pidantic (0.1.3)
    An abstraction to process management for OOI
    Buildout recipes for zeopack.
    A Django import tool easy enough your users could use it
    BplusPy (1.0)
    BplusDotNet python implementation
    Command line tool to handle Postgresql WAL archiving on Rackspace's cloudfiles.
    bookmark_merger (
    code for merging multiple firefox bookmark.html files
    Proxy-list management application for Django
    smtptester (0.1.6)
    A cross-platform graphical SMTP diagnostic tool
    Running zope in a virtualenv
    imagedrawer plugin for blockdiag
    zoner (1.4.1)
    A DNS zone management web application.
    iptdump (1b1.3)
    describes firewall rules and dump it out
    Zope Cluster Management facilities
    (Plone)PAS plugin to enable password changes in AD
    SHARE Site Policy and Component Orchestration
    paretochart (1.0)
    Pareto chart for python (similar to Matlab's, but much more flexible)
    zenoss-snmp-module (1.0.0rc4)
    Net-SNMP pass_persist script for monitoring Zenoss.
    beantop (0.2.5)
    Package 1526 to 1550 of 1550
    1 ... 60 61 62 Next »
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