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wxPython Install

From: James Stroud <jam...@stroud.biz>
Sat, 26 Mar 2005 12:35:23 -0800
Hello All,

I will soon have an excuse to install a new operating system on my computer. I 
would like to know exactly what operating system I should have so that I can 
get wxPython going. wxPython is my only hold-out on my current system. 
wxPython seems to need gnome. So I have tried to build garnome and it didn't 
build all the way..and, well, I've tried so many things trying to get 
wxPython built that I really don't care to relive the agony by reciting them. 
But some tools I want to use need wxPython, so I want to get it going.

I am iat a particular disadvantage because I don't have root priveleges on my 
work machine, so I have to get the sysadmin to build it just so before it 
adorns my desk--because it will not change for a long time.

Any omissions or errors (relative to the special needs of wxPython) during 
installation, and the whole damn system will be boot strapped on top of said 
error and I'll face the same problem--incompatible library a is incompatible 
with library b, etc etc etc etc.

I should say that I manage my own python in my home directory, building things 
with the system libraries and/or libraries I have in my home dir that may 
override the system libraries. This strategy has worked for everything except 

So what system should I install? I want to make damn sure that I can get 
wxPython going. Again, everything else has worked: scipy, numarray, etc etc 
etc etc etc etc...but not wxPython. Its a real special exception for some 
reason. So an explicit distro would be nice, something to the effect of:

fedora core x.x.x build x.x
mandrake xx.x.x build x.x revision x

Basically, if someone installed a system then put python on and wxPython and 
it ran out of the box--that's the person I want to hear from. Give me the 
checksums of the disks you used to install it--I want to make sure its right. 
I've jacked with it to the point where I don't care to do any tweaking--so 
please don't ask "what exactly is your problem" because I've had several 
dozen and any solutions I could dream of created more problems. If I can't 
install an operating system then put wxPython on it without jumping through 
hoops, my probelm will be wxPython.

Thank you in advance to the kind person who offers a reliable solution.


James Stroud
UCLA-DOE Institute of Genomics and Proteomics
Box 951570
Los Angeles, CA 90095


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