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__getslice__ passed INT_MAX rather than sys.maxint for missing endpoint?

From: Dave Huang <k...@azeotrope.org>
Sat, 26 Mar 2005 08:29:46 GMT
Hi, I don't actually know Python; I'm just trying to debug a problem
I encounted in another program, so apologies if this has been
covered before. I did do some Google searches though, and didn't
find anything that specifically addressed this :)

According to the documentation at
<http://docs.python.org/ref/sequence-methods.html>, __getslice__
is passed sys.maxint for a missing endpoint (foo[i:]). However, as
far as I can tell, it's actually passing INT_MAX. I'm running Python
2.4 on an Alpha running NetBSD 2.0, an LP64 platform, so the two
aren't the same. INT_MAX is 2^32-1, whereas sys.maxint is LONG_MAX:

So, am I misunderstanding things, or is this a doc bug, or a code bug?

FWIW, the problem I encountered was some code that did something like:
    def __getslice__(self, a, b):
        if b == maxint:
            b = self.length  # this never got executed, causing problems
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