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Example Code - Named Pipes (Python 2.4 + ctypes on Windows)

From: Thomas Heller <thel...@python.net>
Sat, 26 Mar 2005 19:29:44 +0100
"Srijit Kumar Bhadra" <srijit at yahoo.com> writes:

> Hello,> I am quite familiar with Mark Hammond's win32all. It is excellent.> However, I wish that there was more documentation of win32all beyond> existing PyWin32.chm. I am aware of "Python Programming on Win32" but I> do not have access to it at present.

At least one chapter of PPW32 is available as sample chapter somewhere
on an OReilly site - but you should buy the book anyway imo.  For the
windows api functions you should refer to Microsoft's docs at MSDN.


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