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How to downgrade/remove ZODB (or any other module)?

From: bdecker@flowcom.com.au <bdec...@flowcom.com.au>
Wed, 10 Mar 2004 22:52:40 +0000 (UTC)
* Richard Shea <richardshea at fastmail.fm> [2004-03-10 02:05:10 -0800]:

> Hi - I have just installed ZODB for the first time. However after I'd> finished I realised that I'd installed a development release and not a> stable release so I'd like to downgrade or remove the current> installation and start again.> > I installed via a Windows installer from which I could extract a list> of files and then manually remove (there are 290 files) but is there> some less labourious way of  removing a module ?

Then why don't you just unistall the development package via the 'control
panel' and install the stable release you want. 

Mixing distributions is something very dangerous, something that release
managers and developers themselves rarely do (unless they know exaclty
what source code they are reintroducing and for what reason). And even
then the current sources are simply patched with the previous solution
and 'upgraded' again. 

... and if that was you, I doubt that you would be asking us this
question ;-)

PS. I rarely see 'downgrading' except on M$ systems


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