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Re: [Distutils] SNI support in pip

From: Reinout van Rees <rein...@vanrees.org>
Tue, 02 Dec 2014 13:43:45 +0100
On 01-12-14 13:40, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I just noticed that pip does not support SNI (on Python 2.7.8). This is> a bit problematic for us since we use a private index on a server using> SNI, and right pip always aborts with a certificate error.

Same problem here (though with buildout). We did manage to get it 
working, though.

a) Using the latest and greatest setuptools/buildout. Not sure it helped 
in the end, because I thought setuptool contained requests, but 
apparently that's pip :-)

b) Making sure the server that you use for your packaging is the first 
one in the SNI list. This was the biggest part of the fix.

c) We still had errors afterwards, but that was due to a misconfigured 
certificate chain. All the parent certificates between your certificate 
and a well-known root certificate need to be inside the certificate 
file. A browser will happily fetch the intermediate certificates, but 
curl, wget, setuptools, older apt-get and so on won't.


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