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[Python-Dev] Devguide - Add Communications Quick Start Section

From: Carol Willing <will...@willingconsulting.com>
Tue, 21 Jul 2015 10:06:57 -0700
I would like to add a "Communications Quick Start" section to the 
beginning of the Python Developer's Guide.

Productive communication between each other will always be critical to 
future development of CPython and maintaining releases, infrastructure, 
documentation, and more.

Unproductive communication saps energy of contributors, reduces 
engagement in the project, and limits creativity and fulfillment in 
contributing. As a contributor who finds great value in the power and 
zen of Python, I want to foster more effective and productive 
communication. I've been thinking about ways to do this since the PyCon 
sprints. New developers would benefit from understanding how to interact 
with the community and its norms. Existing contributors would hopefully 
benefit from less time reexplaining community communication norms.

The Communications Quick Start section would be brief and practical much 
like the Quick Start section for downloading and testing the source 
code. Placing the Communications Quick Start section before the existing 
Quick Start section would emphasize the importance that productive 
communications has on CPython development.


P.S. Thank you to all that devote time and energy to the development of 
CPython. I have posted this to the python-dev mailing list for feedback 
due to the recent discussions. Nick and Brett, please feel free to move 
this to python-ideas if you feel that would be a better place to discuss 
this addition to the devguide.
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