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Re: [Komodo-discuss] Feature suggestion: Word wrap and comments

From: Todd Whiteman <tod...@activestate.com>
Wed, 07 Oct 2009 12:42:39 -0700
David Brewer wrote:
> I often find myself typing very long block comments in Komodo (usually> in PHP).  Once I get past a couple of lines, it can be cumbersome to> manually manage the process of adding line breaks where I want them in> the comment to keep the comment within my preferred 78 character> width.> > In my dream universe, Komodo would support real word wrap where you> would be forced to follow the character width guideline established by> the "edge line" setting.  However, this would quite likely become> annoying when typing in code rather than comments, so my dream is that> you would be able to further choose whether this form of word wrap> happened throughout your file or only when typing block comments.  It> would be awesome if I could type:> > /**<enter>> > and then just blather on as if I were in a word processor, with line> breaks being managed for me automagically until I decide to type:> > <enter>*/

Troy wrote a simple auto word-wrap macro that does the basics:



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