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Re: [Komodo-discuss] PERL Interpreter Preferences bug

From: J. Keith Chant <jkch...@sdacc.org>
Wed, 7 Oct 2009 15:32:42 -0400
I can replicate this consistently by clicking Edit -> Preferences, on the left
clicking on Languages then Perl.  The "Use this interpreter" field is blank.  If
I click OK (or click away from this option to another part of the preferences
and then click OK) I get the error message.  The only way I can close the
preferences window is to open the "use this interpreter" dropdown and select
"Find on Path".

I have attached my pystderr.log file for your reference.  

I am running on Windows XP SP3 under a Windows 2003 domain.


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Hi Keith,

I can duplicate this by "crawling behind the covers", setting
the "perlDefaultInterpreter" pref to null (using JavaScript),
and then making a different change in the prefs UI.  We typically
don't validate settings made outside the UI, like in a macro
or extension.  Can you reproduce the steps to get into this
situation?   Do you see this bug repeatedly?  What was the
value in the Perl prefs page when the bug occurs -- is it

Can you reproduce this problem?

Also, what's in the pystderr.log file when this occurs?

- Eric

On 10/7/2009 9:31 AM, J. Keith Chant wrote:
> Has anyone else seen this?>> When I open the preferences page - if I click into the Languages ->  Perl,
> click into another menu item without changing anything on the Perl options -> when I click OK to close the preferences I get an alert:> "No Perl interpreter could be found at 'None'. You must make another selection> for the default Perl interpreter.">> If I go back to the Perl language options and change the interpreter to "Find
> path" in the dropdown I can now close the preference window.>> Just wondering why it is doing this.>> Thanks,> Keith>>> _______________________________________________> Komodo-discuss mailing list> Komo...@listserv.ActiveState.com> To unsubscribe: http://listserv.ActiveState.com/mailman/mysubs> Other options: http://listserv.ActiveState.com/mailman/listinfo/Komodo-discuss
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