import urllib, os class myURLOpener(urllib.FancyURLopener): """Create sub-class in order to overide error 206. This error means a partial file is being sent, which is ok in this case. Do nothing with this error. """ def http_error_206(self, url, fp, errcode, errmsg, headers, data=None): pass loop = 1 dlFile = "" existSize = 0 myUrlclass = myURLOpener() if os.path.exists(dlFile): outputFile = open(dlFile,"ab") existSize = os.path.getsize(dlFile) #If the file exists, then only download the remainder myUrlclass.addheader("Range","bytes=%s-" % (existSize)) else: outputFile = open(dlFile,"wb") webPage ="http://localhost/%s" % dlFile) #If the file exists, but we already have the whole thing, don't download again if int(webPage.headers['Content-Length']) == existSize: loop = 0 print "File already downloaded" numBytes = 0 while loop: data = if not data: break outputFile.write(data) numBytes = numBytes + len(data) webPage.close() outputFile.close() for k,v in webPage.headers.items(): print k, "=",v print "copied", numBytes, "bytes from", webPage.url