import dtuple import mx.ODBC.Windows as odbc flist = ["Name", "Num", "LinkText"] descr = dtuple.TupleDescriptor([[n] for n in flist]) conn = odbc.connect("HoldenWebSQL") # Connect to a database curs = conn.cursor() # Create a cursor sql = """SELECT %s FROM StdPage WHERE PageSet='Std' AND Num<25 ORDER BY PageSet, Num""" % ", ".join(flist) print sql curs.execute(sql) rows = curs.fetchall() for row in rows: row = dtuple.DatabaseTuple(descr, row) print "Attribute: Name: %s Number: %d" % (row.Name, row.Num or 0) print "Subscript: Name: %s Number: %d" % (row[0], row[1] or 0) print "Mapping: Name: %s Number: %d" % (row["Name"], row["Num"] or 0) conn.close()