# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """ Batch download all the pinned pictures in your Pinterest board to a local folder. Be noted: you have to keep your internet browser signed in your Pinterest account first. Please contact me @ alfred.hui.wong@gmail.com if any question @author: awang """ URL_PinterestBoard=input("Please enter your Pinterest board url starting with Http:// ") from tkinter import filedialog Folder_saved=filedialog.askdirectory(title="Select a local folder where you want to put all the pinned pictures") from lxml import html import requests page=requests.get(URL_PinterestBoard) tree=html.fromstring(page.content) pins=tree.xpath('//div[@class="pinHolder"]//@href') del page, tree import requests, bs4 import urllib n=1 for singlePin in pins: page=requests.get('http://www.pinterest.com'+singlePin) page_soup=bs4.BeautifulSoup(page.text,"lxml") page_element=page_soup.select('img[src]') image_address=page_element[0].attrs['src'] resource=urllib.request.urlopen(image_address) output=open(Folder_saved+"/"+"Image"+str(n)+".jpg","wb") output.write(resource.read()) output.close() n=n+1