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# http://code.activestate.com/recipes/578858-convert-doc-and-docx-files-to-pdf/
# Convert doc and docx files to pdf (Python recipe)

from os import chdir, getcwd, listdir, path
from time import strftime
from win32com import client

def count_files(filetype):
    ''' (str) -> int
    Returns the number of files given a specified file type.
    >>> count_files(".docx")
    count_files = 0
    for files in listdir(folder):
        if files.endswith(filetype):
            count_files += 1
    return count_files

# Function "check_path" is used to check whether the path the user provided does
# actually exist. The user is prompted for a path until the existence of the
# provided path has been verified.

def check_path(prompt):
    ''' (str) -> str
    Verifies if the provided absolute path does exist.
    abs_path = input(prompt)
    while path.exists(abs_path) != True:
        print ("\nThe specified path does not exist.\n")
        abs_path = input(prompt)
    return abs_path    
print ("\n")

folder = check_path("Provide absolute path for the folder: ")

# Change the directory.


# Count the number of docx and doc files in the specified folder.

num_docx = count_files(".docx")
num_doc = count_files(".doc")

# Check if the number of docx or doc files is equal to 0 (= there are no files
# to convert) and if so stop executing the script. 

if num_docx + num_doc == 0:
    print ("\nThe specified folder does not contain docx or docs files.\n")
    print (strftime("%H:%M:%S"), "There are no files to convert. BYE, BYE!.")
    print ("\nNumber of doc and docx files: ", num_docx + num_doc, "\n")
    print (strftime("%H:%M:%S"), "Starting to convert files ...\n")

# Try to open win32com instance. If unsuccessful return an error message.

    word = client.DispatchEx("Word.Application")
    for files in listdir(getcwd()):
        match = 0
        if files.endswith(".doc"): s, match = "doc", 1
        elif files.endswith(".docx"): s, match = "docx", 1
        if match:
            new_name = files.replace("."+s, r".pdf")
            in_file = path.abspath(folder + "\\" + files)
            new_file = path.abspath(folder + "\\" + new_name)
            doc = word.Documents.Open(in_file)
            print (strftime("%H:%M:%S"), " " +s+ " -> pdf ", path.relpath(new_file))
            doc.SaveAs(new_file, FileFormat = 17)

except (Exception, e):
    print (e)

print ("\n", strftime("%H:%M:%S"), "Finished converting files.")

# Count the number of pdf files.

num_pdf = count_files(".pdf")   

print ("\nNumber of pdf files: ", num_pdf)

# Check if the number of docx and doc file is equal to the number of files.

if num_docx + num_doc == num_pdf:
    print ("\nNumber of doc and docx files is equal to number of pdf files.")
    print ("\nNumber of doc and docx files is not equal to number of pdf files.")