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# Version 0.2
# Author: Miguel Martinez Lopez
# Email: Uncomment the next line
# print '61706c69636163696f6e616d656469646140676d61696c2e636f6d'.decode('hex')

from Tkinter import *
from collections import OrderedDict, defaultdict
import itertools

class PannedGrid(Frame):
	def __init__(self, master, orient=HORIZONTAL, minsize=20, columnWidths = {}, rowHeights={}, fixedPanes = []):


		if orient in (HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL):
			self.orient = orient
			raise Exception("orient must be 'horizontal' or 'vertical, not '%s'." % orient)

		if type(minsize) is int:
			self.minsize = minsize
			raise Exception("Minsize must be an integer.")

		self.fixedPanes = set(fixedPanes)

		self.__packSideBetweenPanes = LEFT if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else TOP
		self.__packSideInsidePane = TOP if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else LEFT
		self.__cellFill = X if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else Y

		self.userDefinedWidths = columnWidths
		self.userDefinedHeights = rowHeights

		self.updated = False
		self.areDimensionsCalculated = False

	def clear_table(self):
		self.__gridOfWidgets = {}

		self.__rows = defaultdict(set)
		self.__columns = defaultdict(set)

		self.__panes = {}

		self.rowHeightList = {}
		self.columnWidthList = {}

	def clear_definedWidths(self):
		self.userDefinedWidths = {}

	def clear_definedHeights(self):
		self.userDefinedHeights = {}

	def rowIndices(self):
		return self.__rows.keys()

	def columnIndices(self):
		return self.__column.keys()

	def numberOfRows(self):
		return len(self.__rows)

	def numberOfColumns(self):
		return len(self.__columns)

	def update_cell(self, coordinates, widget):
		if not self.updated:
			raise Exception("First you must to update the pannedgrid.")

		if coordinates in self.__gridOfWidgets:
			master = self.__gridOfWidgets[coordinates].pack_info()['in']
			self.__gridOfWidgets[coordinates] = widget
			widget.pack(in_=master, expand=YES, fill=BOTH)
			raise Exception("There is no widget with coordiantes: %s." % coordinates)

	def update(self):
		if not self.__gridOfWidgets: return

		self.panedWindows = []

		if not self.areDimensionsCalculated:

		listOfCellCoordinates = list(itertools.product(self.__rows, self.__columns))

		if self.orient == HORIZONTAL:
			listOfCellCoordinates.sort(key = lambda item: item[1])

		pane_index = self.__columns[0] if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else self.__rows[0]

		position_of_outer_index = 1 if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else 0

		newPanedWindow = True

		for cell_coordinates in listOfCellCoordinates:

			outer_index = cell_coordinates[position_of_outer_index]
			if pane_index != outer_index:
				# Creating a new pane
				pane_index = outer_index

				if outer_index in self.fixedPanes:
					frameOfPane = Frame(self)
					newPanedWindow = True
					if newPanedWindow:
						paneMaster = PanedWindow(self,orient=self.orient )

						newPanedWindow = False

					frameOfPane = Frame(paneMaster)

					paneMaster.paneconfigure(frameOfPane, minsize=self.minsize)

				sizeOfPane = self.columnWidthList[outer_index] if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else self.rowHeightList[outer_index]

				if self.orient == HORIZONTAL:
					frameOfPane.configure(width=sizeOfPane, height=self.tableHeight)
					frameOfPane.configure(width=self.tableWidth, height=sizeOfPane)


				self.__panes[pane_index] = frameOfPane

			cellFrame = Frame(frameOfPane, bd=1, relief=SUNKEN)
			cellFrame.pack(side=self.__packSideInsidePane, expand=YES, fill=self.__cellFill)

			widget = self.__gridOfWidgets[cell_coordinates]

			if widget:
				widget.pack(in_=cellFrame, expand=YES, fill=BOTH)

				if self.orient == HORIZONTAL:
										height=self.rowHeightList[ cell_coordinates[0] ],
										width=self.columnWidthList[ cell_coordinates[1] ]

		self.updated = True

	def calculate_list_of_cell_widths_and_heights(self):
		self.rowHeightList = self.userDefinedHeights.copy()
		self.columnWidthList = self.userDefinedWidths.copy()

		for coordinate, widget in self.__gridOfWidgets.items():
			i , j = coordinate
			if i not in self.userDefinedHeights:
				self.rowHeightList[i] = max(self.rowHeightList.get(i,0),widget.winfo_reqheight())

			if j not in self.userDefinedWidths:
				self.columnWidthList[j] = max(self.columnWidthList.get(j,0),widget.winfo_reqwidth())

		self.tableHeight = sum(self.rowHeightList.values())
		self.tableWidth = sum(self.columnWidthList.values())

		self.areDimensionsCalculated = True

	def rowconfigure(self,row, height=None, fixed = None):
		if row not in self.__rows:
			raise Exception("Row %d doesn't exists." % column)

		self.updated = False

		if height is not None:
			self.areDimensionsCalculated = False

			if type(height) is not int: raise Exception("The height must be an integer:%s"%size)

			self.userDefinedHeights[row] = height

		if fixed is not None:
			if self.orient == HORIZONTAL:
				raise Exception("You can't set fixed property on a row because 'orient' is VERTICAL.")

			self.fixPane(index, fixed)

	def columnconfigure(self,column, width=None, fixed = None):
		if column not in self.__columns:
			raise Exception("Column %d doesn't exists." % column)

		self.updated = False

		if width is not None:
			self.areDimensionsCalculated = False

			if type(width) is not int: raise Exception("The width must be an integer:%s"%size)

			self.userDefinedWidths[column] = width

		if fixed is not None:
			if self.orient == VERTICAL:
				raise Exception("You can't set fixed property on a column because 'orient' is HORIZONTAL.")

			self.fixPane(index, fixed)

	def fixPane(index, fixed=True):
		if fixed == True:
		elif fixed == False:
			raise Exception("fixed must be 'True' or 'False'.")

	def fixAllPanes():
		fixedPanes_list = self.__columns.keys() if self.orient == HORIZONTAL else self.__rows.keys()
		self.fixedPanes = set(fixedPanes_list)

	def realeaseAllPanes():
		self.fixedPanes = set()

	def __getitem__(self, coordinates):
		return self.__gridOfWidgets.get(coordinates)

	def __setitem__(self,coordinates, widget):
		self.updated = False
		self.areDimensionsCalculated = False

		self.__gridOfWidgets[coordinates] = widget

		i,j = coordinates

	def __delitem__(self, coordinates ):
		self.updated = False
		self.areDimensionsCalculated = False

		del self.__gridOfWidgets[coordinates]

		i,j = coordinates

		if not self.__rows[i]: del self.__rows[i]

		if not self.__columns[j]: del self.__columns[j]

	def grid(self, *args, **kargs):
		if not self.updated: self.update()
		Frame.grid(self,*args, **kargs)

	def pack(self, *args, **kargs):
		if not self.updated: self.update()
		Frame.pack(self,*args, **kargs)

def test():
	import random

	root = Tk()

	def table_of_random_widgets(master, numRows,numColumns, **kwargs):
		import ttk
		# Falta pensar un nombre para estos atributos: columnWidthList = None, rowHeightList = None

		demo = PannedGrid(master, **kwargs)

		tkinterWidgets =  (
					(Label, {'text':'This is a label'}),
					(Label, {'text':'This is another label', 'bg':'yellow'}),
					(Button, {'text':'Click me'}),
					(ttk.Combobox, {'values':('item1', 'item2','item3','item4')})

		for i in range(numRows):
			for j in range(numColumns):
				widgetClass, args = random.choice(tkinterWidgets)
				widget = widgetClass(demo,**args)

				demo[i,j] =  widget

		return demo

	Label(root, text="orient=VERTICAL, minsize = 20, fixed rows = [2,5]").pack(anchor=NW, pady=6, padx='2m')
	table = table_of_random_widgets(root, numRows=6,numColumns=5, orient=VERTICAL, minsize=20, fixedPanes=[2,5])
	table.pack(anchor=NW,pady=2, padx='2m')

	emptySpace = Frame(root, height =20)

	Label(root, text='''orient=HORIZONTAL, minsize = 30, fixed columns = [2,5], columnWidths={0:200, 2: 150, 3:250}, rowHeights={0:150}\nOn this table we will update later the cell (1,2)''', justify=LEFT).pack(anchor=NW, pady=6, padx='2m')

	table = table_of_random_widgets(root, numRows=3,numColumns=6, minsize=30, fixedPanes=[2,5], columnWidths={0:200, 2: 150, 3:250}, rowHeights={0:90})
	table.pack(anchor=NW,pady=2, padx='2m')

	table.update_cell((1,2), Label(table,text="Cell updated",bg="green") )

	emptySpace = Frame(root, height =20)

	print "On the last table:"
	print "\tnumber of rows: ", table.numberOfRows()
	print "\tnumber of columns: ", table.numberOfColumns()

if __name__ == '__main__':

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 # Version 0.2
-# Author: Miguel Martínez López
+# Author: Miguel Martinez Lopez
 # Email: Uncomment the next line
 # print '61706c69636163696f6e616d656469646140676d61696c2e636f6d'.decode('hex')