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def accepts(exception,**types):
    def check_accepts(f):
        assert len(types) == f.func_code.co_argcount, \
        'accept number of arguments not equal with function number of arguments in "%s"' % f.func_name
        def new_f(*args, **kwds):
            for i,v in enumerate(args):
                if types.has_key(f.func_code.co_varnames[i]) and \
                    not isinstance(v, types[f.func_code.co_varnames[i]]):
                    raise exception("arg '%s'=%r does not match %s" % \
                    del types[f.func_code.co_varnames[i]]

            for k,v in kwds.iteritems():
                if types.has_key(k) and not isinstance(v, types[k]):
                    raise exception("arg '%s'=%r does not match %s" % \

            return f(*args, **kwds)
        new_f.func_name = f.func_name
        return new_f
    return check_accepts

def exmaple():

    def test(a,b=None,c=None)
        print 'ok'