import sys import Tkinter from string import * def Load_WordList(): wordList = open("wordlist.txt", "r") wStr = wList = split(wStr,"\n") return wList def compare(x,y): x1=0 x2=0 y1= [] y2= [] j = '' k = '' for i in x: x1 = ord(i) y1.append(x1) for i in y: x2 = ord(i) y2.append(x2) y1.sort(key=int) y2.sort(key=int) for a in y1: j += str(a) for a in y2: k += str(a) if j == k: return 1 else: return 0 def Unscramble(Gword,Wlist): answer = str() for i in Gword: for wl in Wlist: Solved = compare(i,wl) if Solved == 1: answer += wl + "," break return answer #b = Load_WordList() def Clipboard(CopyPaste): global winner if CopyPaste == 'Paste': words = [] root = Tkinter.Tk() root.withdraw() text = root.clipboard_get() root.destroy() text = split(text) return text if CopyPaste == 'Copy': root = Tkinter.Tk() root.withdraw() root.clipboard_clear() root.clipboard_append(winner) root.destroy def main(): global winner wordnn = Clipboard('Paste') wordnm = Load_WordList() winner = Unscramble(wordnn,wordnm) winner = winner[:-1] print "Succesfully Unscrambled and Automatically Coppied to Clipboard" Clipboard('Copy') def intro(): print "Welcome to Garen's Anagram Solver", print "\n\nPlease copy the words to the clipboard from Hackthissite and then press enter, \n\nThen the words will be unscrambled\n\n", print "Then Automatically coppied back onto your clipboard \n\nwhere you may paste them back into the site\n\nThank you for using Garen's Anagram Solver!\n\n" raw_input("<--Press any key to unscramble-->") main() intro()