#!/usr/bin/python #=============================================================================== # Creator: ACHAL RASTOGI # Contact: achal13rastogi@gmail.com # Date: August 16, 2012 Time: 03:00 Hrs KST #=============================================================================== import os import sys def path_fetch(_seq,_sec): free=[] never=[] tk = _seq kt = _sec di = os.listdir("%s"%tk) for file in di: if tk[-1] == "/": never.extend([kt,file]) free.extend([tk,file]) pa = "".join(free) ap = "".join(never) if os.path.isdir(pa): os.system('cp -r %s %s'%(pa,ap)) path_fetch(pa,ap) free=[] never=[] else: #change the file extension ".pl" with the extension of interest, example ".txt", ".doc", ".xls", etc if ".pl" in pa: os.system('cp %s %s'%(pa,ap)) free=[] never=[] def main(): fh=sys.argv[1] two=sys.argv[2] if os.path.exists(fh): if os.path.exists(two): print "Program will EXECUTE" path_fetch(fh,two) else: print "Output path doesn't exist" else: print "Path doesn't exists" sys.exit() if __name__=="__main__": main()