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 #<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> sodoko puzzle <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

#  By : Amir Naghvi #
#  Olempico@Gmail.com  #

global Platform
Platform=[[0 for i in  "."*9]for i in range(9)] # Main table to Handle Game

class main(object):
    "------------- start --------------"
    def __init__(self):
    def gameloop(self): # ----------------GAME LOOP
        while True:
            o=raw_input('to show puzzle enter s to quit enter q: ')
            if o=="s":self.show()
            elif o=="q":return
            (x,y,num)=input('first X then Y then NUM like  X,Y,NUMBER:  ')
            if self.give(x,y,num):
                print "True"
                print "you entered incorrect";
    def show(self): # -------To Printing puzzle
        for i in Platform:
            if c1%3==0:print">>>"*30,
            print "     "
            for j in i:
                if j==0:
                    print " ","_ _"," ",
                    if c2%3==0:print "||",;
                    print " ",j," "," ",
                    if c2%3==0:print "||",;
            print "\n";
        print "\n\n";
    def give(self,x,y,NUM):  # ---for recieving number and it's position
        """ first checks if the position in not filled then change position's number
        then if the number is not valid changes the position number to 0 again and returns False"""
        if Platform[x-1][y-1]!=0:print"\n_________Already Filled__________\n";return False
        Platform [x-1][y-1]=NUM
        if not self.control(x,y):
            Platform [x-1][y-1]=0
            return False
        return True
    def control(slef,x,y):
        """There is Three checking stages:1st we find the number's row ,column and cube number then
        check if the row has not the same numbers  ,2nd we collect the number's colmn neigbours in 'colmns' list
        and simply do checking again 3rd: for checking the number in its cube area i explain below:"""
        # 1. row test >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.1
        rows=[Platform[row][i] for i in range(9)]
        for i in range(9):
            for j in range(9):
                if j!=i:
                    if rows[i]==rows[j] and rows[i]!=0:
                        print 'row'
                        return False
        # 2. column test >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.2
        colmns=[Platform[i][col] for i in range(9)]
        for i in range(9):
            for j in range(9):
                if j!=i:
                    if colmns[i]==colmns[j] and colmns[j]!=0:
                        print 'col'
                        return False
        # 3. 3x3 Cubes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.3
        """ 1.frst for 'first' cube number in X attitiude and sec second cube number in y ,for example centeral cube is (3,3)
        or first cube from bottom is (0,6) 2.then in 'cube' list i gather the cube numbers and 3.then simply check if there is a
        repeated numbers"""
        # 1.
        if col<4:frst=0
        elif col<7:frst=3
        elif col<10:frst=6
        if col<4:sec=0
        elif col<7:sec=3
        elif col<10:sec=6
        # 2.
        cube=[Platform[frst][sec+i]for i in range(3)] # creating cube
        cube.extend([Platform[frst+1][sec+i]for i in range(3)])
        cube.extend([Platform[frst+2][sec+i]for i in range(3)])
        #print cube
        # 3.
        for i in range(9):
            for j in range(9):
                if j!=i:
                    if cube[i]==cube[j] and cube[i]!=0:
                        print 'cube'
                        return False
        return True

# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------