#!/usr/bin/python # # tests regex with matches # handy utility to learn regex in python #(c)lostp, 2010 December #version 0.0.1 import re class AppModel: pass AppModel.regexstr = '' AppModel.matchstr = '' def main(): while(1): line = raw_input("REGEX>") l = line.split() if (line[:7] == 'compile'): try: AppModel.regexstr = l[1] AppModel.compiledobj = re.compile(AppModel.regexstr) except: print "%s is not a valid regex" % AppModel.regexstr continue else: AppModel.matchstr = line matches() def matches(): if AppModel.compiledobj.match(AppModel.matchstr): print "%s matches the pattern %s" % (AppModel.matchstr,AppModel.regexstr) else: print "%s does not match the pattern %s" % (AppModel.matchstr,AppModel.regexstr) if __name__ == '__main__': main()