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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import subprocess
import win32con
import win32process
import win32security

from subprocess import *

__all__ = ["Popen","PIPE", "STDOUT", "call", "check_call",
    "CalledProcessError", "CREATE_NEW_CONSOLE", "LoginSTARTUPINFO" ]

class LoginSTARTUPINFO(object):
    Special STARTUPINFO instance that carries login credentials. When a
    LoginSTARTUPINFO instance is used with Popen, the process will be executed
    with the credentials used to instantiate the class.

    If an existing vanilla STARTUPINFO instance needs to be converted, it
    can be supplied as the last parameter when instantiating LoginSTARTUPINFO.

    The LoginSTARTUPINFO cannot be used with the regular subprocess module.

    >>> import subprocesswin32 as subprocess
    >>> sysuser = LoginSTARTUPINFO("username", "pswd123", "machine")
    >>> stdout, stderr = subprocess.Popen("cmd.exe", stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
    ...     startupinfo=sysuser).communicate()
    def __init__(self, username, domain, password, startupinfo=None):
        m_startupinfo = win32process.STARTUPINFO()

        for attr in dir(startupinfo):
            if not(attr.startswith("_") or attr not in dir(m_startupinfo)):
                setattr(m_startupinfo, attr, getattr(startupinfo, attr))

        self.credentials = (username, domain, password)
        self.win32startupinfo = m_startupinfo

def CreateProcess(*args):
    startupinfo = args[-1]

    if isinstance(startupinfo, LoginSTARTUPINFO):
        win32startupinfo = startupinfo.win32startupinfo
        mkprocargs = args[:-1] + (win32startupinfo,)

        login, domain, password = startupinfo.credentials

        userhandle = win32security.LogonUser(login, domain, password,

            return win32process.CreateProcessAsUser(userhandle, *mkprocargs)

    return win32process.CreateProcess(*args)

subprocess.STARTUPINFO = win32process.STARTUPINFO
subprocess._subprocess.CreateProcess = CreateProcess