from xml.dom import minidom class XmlNode: """An XML node represents a single field in an XML document.""" def __init__(self, domElement): """Construct an XML node from a DOM element.""" self.elem = domElement @classmethod def makeRoot(cls, xmlFileName): return cls(minidom.parse(xmlFileName)) def getData(self): """Extract data from a DOM node.""" for child in self.elem.childNodes: if child.nodeType == child.TEXT_NODE: return str( return None def getAttributeValue(self, name): """Returns the value of the attribute having the specified name.""" return str(self.elem.attributes[name].value) def getChild(self, tag): """Returns the first child node having the specified tag.""" return XmlNode(self.elem.getElementsByTagName(tag)[0]) def getChildren(self, tag): """Returns a list of child nodes having the specified tag.""" return [XmlNode(x) for x in self.elem.getElementsByTagName(tag)]