#On the name of ALLAH and may the blessing and peace of Allah #be upon the Messenger of Allah Mohamed Salla Allahu Aliahi Wassalam. #Author : Fouad Teniou #Date : 15/06/10 #version :2.6 from string import * from itertools import * """ My program uses special functions to test, count, and extract vowels and consonants. However,the string_check function uses isinstance() to check an objects type and isinstance(obj, str) will be True only if obj is a str, and the vowel_or_Consonant is a boolean function that accept a text(string)as an argument and which return either True or False and which you can call in the program at any time to test every letter within a string to determine whether it is a vowel or consonant. Though, Vowel and Consonant functions return the count of each vowel and consonant. and Anagrams_search function return a set of every possible combination,thus, every possible Anagram. """ def my_try(arg =''): """ Raises an error exception if a letter is not in the alphabet or if the letter is not a space character .""" for item in arg: if item not in 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ': raise TypeError,\ "\n