// // FB - 201003265 // Color-Cycling Plasma Fractal import java.applet.Applet; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.image.*; public class Plasma extends Applet { Image img; // pix will hold the actual image data // mat will hold the image data of palette colors int pix[], mat[]; int red[],green[],blue[]; int w,h,inc; float roughness; long ctm; public void adjust(int xa,int ya,int x,int y,int xb,int yb) { int c,d; if(mat[w*y+x]==0) { d=(int)(Math.abs(xa-xb)+Math.abs(ya-yb)); c=(mat[w*ya+xa]+mat[w*yb+xb])/2+(int)((Math.random()-0.5)*d*roughness); c=((int)Math.abs(c))%256; mat[w*y+x]=c; } } public void subdivide(int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2) { int x,y; if(!((x2-x1<2) && (y2-y1<2))) { x=(x1+x2)/2;y=(y1+y2)/2; adjust(x1,y1,x,y1,x2,y1);adjust(x2,y1,x2,y,x2,y2); adjust(x1,y2,x,y2,x2,y2);adjust(x1,y1,x1,y,x1,y2); if(mat[w*y+x]==0) { mat[w*y+x]=(mat[w*y1+x1]+mat[w*y1+x2]+mat[w*y2+x2]+mat[w*y2+x1])/4; } subdivide(x1,y1,x,y);subdivide(x,y1,x2,y); subdivide(x,y,x2,y2);subdivide(x1,y,x,y2); } } public void init() { // create a color palette (RGBY) red=new int[256];green=new int[256];blue=new int[256]; for(int i=0;i<256;i++) { switch((int)(i/64)) { case 0: red[i]=(i%64)*3+64; green[i]=0; blue[i]=0; break; case 1: red[i]=0; green[i]=(i%64)*3+64; blue[i]=0; break; case 2: red[i]=0; green[i]=0; blue[i]=(i%64)*3+64; break; case 3: red[i]=(i%64)*3+64; green[i]=(i%64)*3+64; blue[i]=0; break; } } ctm=System.currentTimeMillis(); inc=(int)(Math.random()*7+1)*((int)(Math.random()*2)*2-1); roughness=(float)Math.random()*6+1; w=getSize().width;h=getSize().height; pix=new int[w*h]; mat=new int[w*h]; // put random color pixels to the 4 corners for(int y=0;y<2;y++) for(int x=0;x<2;x++) mat[w*y*(h-1)+x*(w-1)]=(int)(Math.random()*256); subdivide(0,0,w-1,h-1); } public void paint(Graphics g) { int c; int alpha=255; // restart the applet periodically if((System.currentTimeMillis()-ctm)>=10000) init(); // keep the color-cycling speed constant between different PCs! long t=System.currentTimeMillis(); while((System.currentTimeMillis()-t)<10) {;} // rotate the colors (the palette) for(int y=0;y