import anydbm import marshal class marshaldbm(object): """ Incorporating marshalling capabilities into anydbm module to store marshallable objects as values. The keys and values in anydbm must be strings. Marshalling capability is added for the values. >>> d = open('test.db', 'c') >>> d['a list'] = ['a', 'b'] >>> d.close() """ def __init__(self, dbfile, flag): """ Constructor method - opens database file or creates new database file. @param dbfile: path of database file @param flag: file opening mode for anydbm """ self.dbfile =, flag) def __setitem__(self, key, item): """ Method to put items into the database file. """ item = marshal.dumps(item) self.dbfile[key] = item def __getitem__(self, key): """ Method to get items from the databasde file using its key """ return marshal.loads(self.dbfile[key]) def __len__(self): """ Returns the row count of the database file """ return len(self.dbfile) def close(self): """ Closes the database file """ self.dbfile.close() def keys(self): """ Returns a list of keys in the database file """ return [key for key in self.dbfile.keys()]