""" Classic ASP script analyzer, finds all functions, includes, duplicate functions """ #TO-DO: testing, it was tested only on one big project import string, re, sys, os.path, logging, sqlite3 from Tkinter import * import tkFileDialog, tkMessageBox def find_functions(file_name, data, db_cursor, functions): """ finds all functions in asp script """ my_re = re.compile(r'[^\'\"][ ]{0,10}function[ ]{1,3}(?P[a-z0-9_\-]{1,30})', re.IGNORECASE) res = my_re.findall(data) if res: for line in res: print "function", line.lower() tmp = file_name + '\t\t' + line.lower() #(file_name, line) functions.append(tmp) db_cursor.execute("""insert into project_functions values ((SELECT max(id) FROM project_functions)+1, '%s', '%s', 'function')""" % (file_name, line.lower())) my_re = re.compile(r'[^\'\"][ ]{0,10}sub[ ]{1,3}(?P[a-z0-9_\-]{1,30})', re.IGNORECASE) res = my_re.findall(data) if res: for line in res: print "sub", line.lower() #tmp = (file_name, line) tmp = file_name + '\t\t' + line.lower() #(file_name, line) functions.append(tmp) db_cursor.execute("""insert into project_functions values ((SELECT max(id) FROM project_functions)+1, '%s', '%s', 'sub')""" % (file_name, line.lower())) def find_includes(file_path, recursive_level, dir_before, db_cursor, includes, functions): """ find al includes, recursive call """ for dr in dir_before: os.chdir(dr) try: f = open(file_path, "r") except: pass try: data = f.read() f.close() except: print dir_before print file_path return ([], []) find_functions(os.path.split(file_path)[1], data, db_cursor, functions) if len(os.path.split(file_path)[0]) > 1: #print "dir_before 1", os.path.split(file_path)[0] try: os.chdir(os.path.split(file_path)[0]) #change work dir to script home dir if not os.getcwd() in dir_before: dir_before.append(os.getcwd()) except: pass # print "Current directory", os.getcwd(), dir_before, recursive_level include_file = [] my_re = re.compile(r'[^\'][\s]{0,5}', re.IGNORECASE) res = my_re.findall(data) if not res: #print "No include in %s file Regexp not matched" % (file_path) #logger.info("No include in %s file Regexp not matched" % (file_path)) return 1 else: for line in res: include_file.append(line.replace("\"","").strip()) #print include_file #include_file.sort() #include_file.reverse() includes.append("Includes in: " + os.path.split(file_path)[0] + "\\" + os.path.split(file_path)[1]) print "Includes in:", os.path.split(file_path)[0] + "\\" + os.path.split(file_path)[1] for inc_file in include_file: includes.append(inc_file) print inc_file for inc_file in include_file: find_includes(inc_file, recursive_level + 1, dir_before, db_cursor, includes, functions) return (includes, functions) def main(file_path, db_path): """ read arguments and analyze """ if not os.path.exists(file_path): print "File %s not found" % (file_path ) return 1 c = '' conn = sqlite3.connect(db_path) c = conn.cursor() try: c.execute('''DROP TABLE project_functions''') except: pass c.execute('''create table project_functions (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, script_name text, fun_name text, fun_type text)''') includes = [] functions = [] file_path_dir = os.path.split(file_path)[0] os.chdir(file_path_dir) #change work dir to script home dir print file_path_dir includes, functions = \ find_includes(file_path, 0, [file_path_dir], c, includes, functions) conn.commit() doubles_fun = [] c.execute("""SELECT fun_name FROM project_functions group by fun_name having count(fun_name) > 1""") for fun_name in c: doubles_fun.append(fun_name) duplicites = [] for i,fun_name in enumerate(doubles_fun): dup = fun_name[0] + '\t' print i,fun_name[0] #t = (fun_name,) c.execute("select script_name, fun_name, fun_type from project_functions where fun_name='%s'" % (fun_name)) for row in c: print '\t', row[0] dup = dup + row[0] + ',' duplicites.append(dup) c.close() return (includes, functions, duplicites) class App: """ GUI """ def __init__(self, master): self.master = master Label(master, text="File to analyze:").grid(row=0) Label(master, text="File for database:").grid(row=1) #Label(master, text="File for export (optional):").grid(row=2) self.e1 = Entry(master, width = 35) self.e2 = Entry(master, width = 35) self.e2.insert(INSERT, "C:\\analyze_webscript.db3") #self.e3 = Entry(master, width = 35) #self.e3.insert(INSERT, "X:\\temp.web\\analyze_webscript.txt") self.e1.grid(row=0, column=1) self.e2.grid(row=1, column=1) #self.e3.grid(row=2, column=1) self.b1 = Button(master, text="Browse", command=self.br1, width = 10) self.b2 = Button(master, text="Browse", command=self.br2, width = 10) #self.b3 = Button(master, text="Browse", command=self.br3, width = 10) self.b1.grid(row=0, column=2) self.b2.grid(row=1, column=2) #self.b3.grid(row=2, column=2) self.v1 = IntVar() self.c1 = Checkbutton(master, text="find all includes", variable=self.v1) self.c1.var = self.v1 self.c1.grid(columnspan=2, sticky=W) self.v2 = IntVar() self.c2 = Checkbutton(master, text="find all functions in all includes", variable=self.v2) self.c2.var = self.v2 self.c2.grid(columnspan=2, sticky=W) self.v3 = IntVar() self.c3 = Checkbutton(master, text="find duplicite functions", variable=self.v3) self.c3.var = self.v3 self.c3.grid(columnspan=2, sticky=W) #self.listbox = Listbox(master, selectmode=SINGLE) #for item in ["one", "two", "three", "four"]: # self.listbox.insert(END, item) #self.listbox.grid(row=3,column=1) self.b4 = Button(master, text="Start Analyze", command = self.start_analyze, width = 15) self.b4.grid(row=5, column=2) self.text = Text(master,width=70, height=30) self.vscroll = Scrollbar(master,orient=VERTICAL) self.vscroll.grid(row=6, column=4, sticky=N+S) self.vscroll.config(command=self.text.yview) #self.vscroll.config(command=self.text.yview) #self.text.config(yscrollcommand=self.vscroll.set) self.text.grid(row=6, columnspan=3, sticky=W) def start_analyze(self): print "started" print self.v1.get() print self.v2.get() print self.v3.get() if (not self.v1.get()) and (not self.v2.get()) and (not self.v3.get()): tkMessageBox.showwarning("Action", "Please choose action") return 1 analyze_file = self.e1.get() db_file = self.e2.get() if len(analyze_file) == 0 or len(db_file) == 0: tkMessageBox.showwarning("Action", "Please set file location") return 1 print analyze_file print db_file #print self.e3.get() includes, functions, duplicites = \ main(analyze_file, db_file) #self.frame = Frame(width=768, height=576, bg="", colormap="new") #self.ef1 = Text(self.frame, width = 50, heigth = 50) #self.ef1.insert(INSERT, includes) #self.frame.pack() self.text.delete(1.0, END) if self.v1.get(): self.text.insert(END, 'INCLUDES:\n') self.text.insert(END, '\n'.join(includes)) if self.v2.get(): if self.v1.get(): self.text.insert(END, '\n\n') self.text.insert(END, 'FUNCTIONS:\n') self.text.insert(END, '\n'.join(functions)) if self.v3.get(): if self.v1.get() or self.v2.get(): self.text.insert(END, '\n\n') self.text.insert(END, 'DUPLICATES:\n') self.text.insert(END, '\n'.join(duplicites)) #self.text.pack(side=LEFT,expand=1,fill=BOTH) #self.vscroll = Scrollbar(frame2,orient=VERTICAL) #self.vscroll.pack(side=LEFT,fill=Y,anchor=E) #self.vscroll.config(command=self.text.yview) #self.text.config(yscrollcommand=self.vscroll.set) #frame2.pack(expand=1,fill=BOTH) def br1(self): self.e1.delete(0, len(self.e1.get())) p = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename(title = "File for analyze", initialdir = "C:\\inetpub\\wwwroot") self.e1.insert(INSERT, p) def br2(self): self.e2.delete(0, len(self.e2.get())) p = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename(title = "File for database") self.e2.insert(INSERT, p) #def br3(self): # p = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename(title = "File for export") # self.e3.insert(INSERT, p) root = Tk() root.title("ASP script analyzer") App(root) root.mainloop()