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import sys, os
from tempfile import mkstemp
from getopt import getopt, GetoptError
from subprocess import call as oscall
from depgraph2dot import pydepgraphdot
from py2depgraph import mymf

def genDepGraph(inScript, options):
    path = sys.path[:]
    debug = 0
    mf = mymf(path, debug, options.exclude)
    # find all modules in standard lib and set them aside for later;
    # assume that modules that don't have a filename are from stdlib
    ignore = set()
    for moduleName, module in mf.modules.iteritems():
        ign = False
        if options.ignoreNoFile and (not module.__file__):
            ign = True
        if options.ignoreStdlib and module.__file__:
            path1 = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(module.__file__)).lower()
            path2 = os.path.abspath('c:\python24\lib').lower()
            if path1 == path2:
                ign = True
        if ign:
    return dict(depgraph=mf._depgraph, types=mf._types), ignore

class MyDepGraphDot(pydepgraphdot):
    def __init__(self, buffer, ignore=None):
        self.__depgraph = buffer['depgraph']
        self.__types = buffer['types']
        tmpfd, tmpname = mkstemp('.dot', 'depgraph_')
        self.__output = file(tmpname, 'w')
        self.__output_name = tmpname
        self.__ignore = ignore or set()
        #print 'Will ignore modules:', self.__ignore
    def toocommon(self, s, type):
        if s in self.__ignore:
            return 1
        return pydepgraphdot.toocommon(self, s, type)
    def get_data(self):
        return self.__depgraph, self.__types
    def get_output_file(self):
        return self.__output
    def get_output_name(self):
        return self.__output_name

class Options:
    def __init__(self):
        self.exclude = []        # list of module names to exclude from analysis
        self.ignoreStdlib = True # modules from Python's stdlib will not be in graph
        self.ignoreNoFile = True # modules that don't have an associated file will not be in graph
        self.dotPath = r'C:\Program Files\Graphviz2.16\bin\dot'
        self.args = sys.argv[1]

        print 'Will %sinclude stdlib modules' % (self.ignoreStdlib and 'NOT ' or '')
        print 'Will %sinclude "file-less" modules' % (self.ignoreNoFile and 'NOT ' or '')
        print 'Will exclude the following modules and anything imported by them:', self.exclude
        print 'Will use "%s" as dot' % self.dotPath

# Process command line args
options = Options()

# start processing script for dependencies
inScript = options.args[0]
    buffer, ignore = genDepGraph(inScript, options)
except IOError, exc: 
    print 'ERROR:', exc
if not buffer['depgraph']:
    print 'NO dependencies of interest! Nothing to generate, exiting.'
dotdep = MyDepGraphDot(buffer, ignore)
dotdep.main( sys.argv )

# convert to png
basename = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(inScript))[0]
pngOutput = basename + '_depgraph.png'
print 'Generating %s from %s' % (pngOutput, dotdep.get_output_name())
    options.dotPath, '-Tpng', '-o', pngOutput, dotdep.get_output_name()]

# cleanup