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from time import time

class TokenBucket(object):
    """An implementation of the token bucket algorithm.
    >>> bucket = TokenBucket(80, 0.5)
    >>> print bucket.consume(10)
    >>> print bucket.consume(90)
    def __init__(self, tokens, fill_rate):
        """tokens is the total tokens in the bucket. fill_rate is the
        rate in tokens/second that the bucket will be refilled."""
        self.capacity = float(tokens)
        self._tokens = float(tokens)
        self.fill_rate = float(fill_rate)
        self.timestamp = time()

    def consume(self, tokens):
        """Consume tokens from the bucket. Returns True if there were
        sufficient tokens otherwise False."""
        if tokens <= self.tokens:
            self._tokens -= tokens
            return False
        return True

    def get_tokens(self):
        if self._tokens < self.capacity:
            now = time()
            delta = self.fill_rate * (now - self.timestamp)
            self._tokens = min(self.capacity, self._tokens + delta)
            self.timestamp = now
        return self._tokens
    tokens = property(get_tokens)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    from time import sleep
    bucket = TokenBucket(80, 1)
    print "tokens =", bucket.tokens
    print "consume(10) =", bucket.consume(10)
    print "consume(10) =", bucket.consume(10)
    print "tokens =", bucket.tokens
    print "tokens =", bucket.tokens
    print "consume(90) =", bucket.consume(90)
    print "tokens =", bucket.tokens