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import logging
import logging.handlers
import zipfile
import sys, os, time, glob

class TimedCompressedRotatingFileHandler(logging.handlers.TimedRotatingFileHandler):
       Extended version of TimedRotatingFileHandler that compress logs on rollover.
       by Angel Freire <cuerty at gmail dot com>
    def doRollover(self):
        do a rollover; in this case, a date/time stamp is appended to the filename
        when the rollover happens.  However, you want the file to be named for the
        start of the interval, not the current time.  If there is a backup count,
        then we have to get a list of matching filenames, sort them and remove
        the one with the oldest suffix.

        This method is a copy of the one in TimedRotatingFileHandler. Since it uses
        # get the time that this sequence started at and make it a TimeTuple
        t = self.rolloverAt - self.interval
        timeTuple = time.localtime(t)
        dfn = self.baseFilename + "." + time.strftime(self.suffix, timeTuple)
        if os.path.exists(dfn):
        os.rename(self.baseFilename, dfn)
        if self.backupCount > 0:
            # find the oldest log file and delete it
            s = glob.glob(self.baseFilename + ".20*")
            if len(s) > self.backupCount:
        #print "%s -> %s" % (self.baseFilename, dfn)
        if self.encoding:
            self.stream = codecs.open(self.baseFilename, 'w', self.encoding)
            self.stream = open(self.baseFilename, 'w')
        self.rolloverAt = self.rolloverAt + self.interval
        if os.path.exists(dfn + ".zip"):
            os.remove(dfn + ".zip")
        file = zipfile.ZipFile(dfn + ".zip", "w")
        file.write(dfn, os.path.basename(dfn), zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED)