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import threading
import ctypes
def _async_raise(tid, excobj):
    res = ctypes.pythonapi.PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc(tid, ctypes.py_object(excobj))
    if res == 0:
        raise ValueError("nonexistent thread id")
    elif res > 1:
        # """if it returns a number greater than one, you're in trouble, 
        # and you should call it again with exc=NULL to revert the effect"""
        ctypes.pythonapi.PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc(tid, 0)
        raise SystemError("PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc failed")
class Thread(threading.Thread):
    def raise_exc(self, excobj):
        assert self.isAlive(), "thread must be started"
        for tid, tobj in threading._active.items():
            if tobj is self:
                _async_raise(tid, excobj)
        # the thread was alive when we entered the loop, but was not found 
        # in the dict, hence it must have been already terminated. should we raise
        # an exception here? silently ignore?
    def terminate(self):
        # must raise the SystemExit type, instead of a SystemExit() instance
        # due to a bug in PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc