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import os, string

# ReportLab PDF library must be already installed
from reportlab.pdfgen import canvas
from reportlab.pdfbase import pdfmetrics

# The directory where Type1 fonts located (trailing '/' is needed!)
fontdir = '/usr/share/fonts/default/Type1/'

# AFM file names list 
afmf = [i for i in os.listdir(fontdir) if string.find(i, '.afm') != -1]

# Create a new encoding called 'CP1251'
cyrenc = pdfmetrics.Encoding('CP1251')

# Fill in the tuple with Unicode glyphs in accordance with cp1251 (win1251)
# encoding
 'afii10051', 'afii10052', 'quotesinglbase', 'afii10100', 'quotedblbase',
 'ellipsis', 'dagger', 'daggerdbl', 'Euro', 'perthousand', 'afii10058',
 'guilsinglleft', 'afii10059', 'afii10061', 'afii10060', 'afii10145',
 'afii10099', 'quoteleft', 'quoteright', 'quotedblleft', 'quotedblright',
 'bullet', 'endash', 'emdash', 'tilde', 'trademark', 'afii10106',
 'guilsinglright', 'afii10107', 'afii10109', 'afii10108', 'afii10193',
 'space', 'afii10062', 'afii10110', 'afii10057', 'currency', 'afii10050',
 'brokenbar', 'section', 'afii10023', 'copyright', 'afii10053',
 'guillemotleft', 'logicalnot', 'hyphen', 'registered', 'afii10056',
 'degree', 'plusminus', 'afii10055', 'afii10103', 'afii10098', 'mu1',
 'paragraph', 'periodcentered', 'afii10071', 'afii61352', 'afii10101',
 'guillemotright', 'afii10105', 'afii10054', 'afii10102', 'afii10104',
 'afii10017', 'afii10018', 'afii10019', 'afii10020', 'afii10021',
 'afii10022', 'afii10024', 'afii10025', 'afii10026', 'afii10027',
 'afii10028', 'afii10029', 'afii10030', 'afii10031', 'afii10032',
 'afii10033', 'afii10034', 'afii10035', 'afii10036', 'afii10037',
 'afii10038', 'afii10039', 'afii10040', 'afii10041', 'afii10042',
 'afii10043', 'afii10044', 'afii10045', 'afii10046', 'afii10047',
 'afii10048', 'afii10049', 'afii10065', 'afii10066', 'afii10067',
 'afii10068', 'afii10069', 'afii10070', 'afii10072', 'afii10073',
 'afii10074', 'afii10075', 'afii10076', 'afii10077', 'afii10078',
 'afii10079', 'afii10080', 'afii10081', 'afii10082', 'afii10083',
 'afii10084', 'afii10085', 'afii10086', 'afii10087', 'afii10088',
 'afii10089', 'afii10090', 'afii10091', 'afii10092', 'afii10093',
 'afii10094', 'afii10095', 'afii10096', 'afii10097'

# Replace glyphs from code 128 to code 256 with cp1251 values
for i in range(128,256):
    cyrenc[i] = cp1251[i-128]

# Register newly created encoding

# Create a new canvas for AllT1Fonts.pdf file
c = canvas.Canvas('AllT1Fonts.pdf')

# For all fonts
for i in afmf:
    fname = fontdir + i[:-4]
    print fname
    # Open AFM file
    fi = file(fname + '.afm')
    fl = fi.readline()
    # Look for 'FontName' field
    while string.find(fl, 'FontName') == -1:
        fl = fi.readline()
    # faceName - view an AFM file as a plain text and look at
    # row beginning with 'FontName' word (usually the fourth row).
    # The word after 'FontName' is the faceName.
    faceName = string.strip(fl[9:])
    # Define new Type 1 font
    cyrFace = pdfmetrics.EmbeddedType1Face(fname+'.afm', fname+'.pfb')
    # Register type face
    # Register the font with adding '1251' to its name
    pdfmetrics.registerFont(pdfmetrics.Font(faceName+'1251', faceName, 'CP1251'))
    # Use this font and set font size
    c.setFont(faceName+'1251', 14)
    # Draw font name at the top of page
    c.drawString(280, 740 , i)
    # Draw all glyphs of this font on one page
    for glyph in range(32, 256):
        col, row = divmod(glyph - 32, 32)
        x = 72 + (66*col)
        y = 720 - (18*row)
        c.drawString(x + 44, y , str(glyph)+': '+chr(glyph))
    # Stop drawing on the current page

# Save pdf file