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I used a URLOpener to get the HTML file from some web-sites for some parsing. However, the returned data file had ^M everywhere, and it was pretty annoying. Before parsing this file, I want to strip it of all occurences of this control character ^M. Of course, I can use dos2unix or similar tools to do that offline, but I wanna do it the pythonic way.

First, I need to find out the ascii value for '^M'.

>>> import curses.ascii
>>> ascii.ascii('^V^M')

Then, I can just do a search and replace '\r' in any string.

>>> string.replace( str, '\r', '' )

In my code, I just have this line in the overriden method handle_data of my html parser class.

Python, 8 lines
import string

class Stripper( SGMLParser ) :
    def handle_data( self, data ) :
        data = string.replace( data, '\r', '' )
Created by Liang Guo on Mon, 12 Jul 2004 (PSF)
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