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import _winreg as wreg
import cPickle as pickle

class WindowsRegistry:

    def __init__(self, company="spirito GmbH", project="TestProg", write=1):
        handle registry access
        self.write = write
        self.company = company
        self.project = project
        self.keyname = "Software\\%s\\%s" % (self.company, self.project)

            self.key = wreg.OpenKey(wreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, self.keyname)
            if self.write:
                self.key = wreg.CreateKey(wreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER, self.keyname)

    def set(self, name, value):
        " set value in registry "
        if not self.write:
            raise Exception, "registry is read only"
        wreg.SetValue(self.key, name, wreg.REG_SZ,str(value))

    def pset(self, name, value):
        " set using pickle "
        self.set(name, pickle.dumps(value))

    def get(self, name):
        " get value out of registry "
        return wreg.QueryValue(self.key, name)

    def pget(self, name):
        " get using pickle "
        return pickle.loads(self.get(name))

    def close(self):
        " close the key finally "

    def __del__(self):

if __name__=="__main__":
    r = WindowsRegistry(project="MyTestProg", write=1)
    r.set("test", "hello string data")
    r.pset("testp", 123)
    print r.get("test")
    print r.pget("testp")