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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)


ztfy.media is a ZTK/ZopeApp ZTFY package used to automatically convert and display medias files (audios, videos...).

It was developed in the context of a medias library management application handling several kinds of medias (mainly images, videos, and audio files), to be able to automatically display these contents in web pages.

Medias conversions

Automatic medias conversions implies several pre-requisites:

  • the ''ffmpeg'' executable must be available in your path;
  • you have to rely on a ZEO connection handling a blobs cache directory;
  • you have to create and register (with a name) this ZEO connection in your site management folder (see ztfy.utils.zodb.ZEOConnection object);
  • you have to create and register (without name) a ZTFY medias conversion utility.

Medias conversion utility allows you to define listening address and port of a ZeroMQ process which will wait for conversions requests. These requests are automatically done when an IObjectAddedEvent is notified on a IFile object containing contents for which a converter has been registered; default converters based on FFmpeg are available for images, video and audio files, but you can provide your own converters for any kind of custom file.

Medias conversion utility also allows to define in which formats you want to convert the new medias. All conversions are actually done with the help of FFmpeg, each conversion being done in a dedicated sub-process handling it's own ZEO connection.

Converted medias are stored in the ZODB as Blob files in the original media file annotations.


  • added flush on some video output files
  • added sound file thumbnail in audio preview
  • always use temporary files for Quicktime video conversions
  • automatically include a video player watermark on videos thumbnails
  • updated video preview template
  • reset video bitrate command line option to "-b" (instead of "-b:v") to be compatible with all FFmpeg versions
  • updated video preview for Firefox compatibility
  • added one second before checking ZMQ processes startup
  • updated package resources
  • register ZMQ medias converter process exit callback
  • removed forgotten 'print' statement
  • update README
  • first release

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