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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)

What is ztfy.file ?

ztfy.file is a set of classes to be used with Zope3 application server. The purpose of this package is to handle :

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  • custom schema fields with their associated properties and browser widgets to automatically handle fields as external files
  • automatically handle generation of images thumbnails for any image ; these thumbnails are accessed via a custom namespace ("++display++w128.jpeg" for example to get a thumbnail of 128 pixels width) and are stored via images annotations
  • allow selection of a square part of a thumbnail to be used as a "mini-square thumbnail".

Square thumbnails selection is based on JQuery package extensions, so the ztfy.jqueryui is required to use all functions of ztfy.file package.

How to use ztfy.file ?

A set of ztfy.file usages are given as doctests in ztfy/file/doctests/README.txt


  • added annotations check
  • added IWatermarker interface and utility
  • corrected TAR extractor to correctly handle directories
  • corrected GZip extractor to correctly implement IArchiveExtractor interface
  • added MIME types vocabulary (based on file extensions)
  • added libmagic MIME types vocabulary
  • commit transaction before sending blob file and change opening mode to 'c'
  • updated locales
  • updated style of files download links
  • use ZTFY.skin data API
  • allow FileProperty value update from a FileUpload input
  • syntax correction in HTML field input
  • added display template for HTML input field
  • force images in "RGBA" mode when reading images in "P" mode before resizing while generating thumbnails
  • added new getMagicContentType function
  • added archives extraction interface and utilities
  • added "downloadable" attribute on file/image widgets
  • corrected display widgets
  • switch dependencies from PIL to Pillow
  • changed package source layout
  • include IObjectCopiedEvent subscriber moved from ztfy.extfile package
  • remove default JPEG format when creating thumbnails (thumbnails are now created by default using the same file format as the original image); JPEG is only used as default when source image is not in JPEG, PNG or GIF format
  • use PIL to get image size when not in JPEG, PNG or GIF format
  • added 'display:' TALES adapter to easily get display adapter from page templates
  • update imports for last ztfy.jqueryui and ztfy.skin packages
  • automatically add filename extension in name of FileField or ImageField attributes values. WARNING: since then, getting field data directly from request returns a tuple made of file content and file name !!
  • use mimetypes package to get content-type for text files
  • updated doctests
  • modified ++file++ and ++display++ namespaces to accept an extension
  • added ImageFieldDataConverter to check that uploaded files are really images
  • changed position of file input fields
  • changed handling of jQuery's "imgAreaSelect" plug-in
  • added check in image field widget thumbnail generation code
  • added extension in displays URLs
  • changed square thumbnails management by using JQuery "imgAreaSelect" plug-in
  • handle NOT_CHANGED value in square thumbnails converters
  • handle z3c.form NOT_CHANGED value in file field data converter
  • migrated resources management from zc.resourcelibrary to Fanstatic
  • Switched to ZTK-1.1.2
  • added a little sharpening on thumbnails generation
  • added conversions while getting position and dimension of square thumbnails generation
  • initial release

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