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 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac OS X (10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)

What is ztfy.blog ?

ztfy.blog is a set of modules which allows easy management of a simple web site based on Zope3 application server.

It's main goal is to be simple to use and manage.

So it's far from being a "features full" environment, but available features currently include:
  • a simple management interface
  • sites, organized with sections and internal blogs
  • topics, made of custom elements (text or HTML paragraphs, resources and links)
  • a default front-office skin.

All these elements can be extended by registering a simple set of interfaces and adapters, to create a complete web site matching your own needs.

A few list of extensions is available in several packages, like ztfy.gallery which provides basic management of images galleries in a custom skin, or ztfy.hplskin which provides another skin.

How to use ztfy.blog ?

ztfy.blog usage is described via doctests in ztfy/blog/doctests/README.txt


  • added missing property in default skin's site presentation class
  • added checks in database upgrade code
  • use correct widgets prefix in resources add forms
  • remove security proxy on back-office interface adapter
  • move several skin-related interfaces and classes to ZTFY.skin
  • use fancybox plug-in data API from ZTFY.skin
  • reorganized resources to facilitate custom skins not reusing ZTFY.blog CSS
  • imports cleanup
  • use ZTFY.skin data API
  • make package resources compatible with Fanstatic "bottom" option
  • removed "$.browser" check which is deprecated in JQuery 1.7
  • use last roles edit form from ztfy.security
  • added custom ZODBBrowser state loader for ordered container
  • changed style of container batch links
  • use generic marker interface and ++back++ namespace to identify contents with custom back-office properties
  • updated locales
  • removed useless title on category add form
  • added site's back-office custom logo
  • removed useless title on dialog add forms
  • use "getContentName()" function from ZTFY.utils package when creating new resources or links
  • small CSS updates in default skin to match new ZTFY skin
  • added legend on site's tree view
  • changed "++static++" namespace traverser layer
  • changed package source layout
  • implement ztfy.security ILocalRoleManager interface
  • remove default JPEG format when creating or using thumbnails
  • changed batch size to 10000 items in site tree view
  • large refactoring due to integration of generic features (forms, javascript...) into ztfy.skin package
  • added a global 'operators' groups, which has the "ztfy.ViewManagementScreens" permission; any principal receiving an administrator or contributor role will automatically be included in this group.
  • define default BaseEditForm buttons
  • changed permissions on login viewlet
  • minor CSS updates
  • small back-office CSS update
  • added new back-office presentation properties to add custom CSS, banner and favorites icon
  • changed dialogs overlay mask color and opacity
  • changed default dialogs container width
  • added BaseDisplayForm and BaseDialogDisplayForm classes
  • added alternate title on illustrations and updated templates to improve XHTML standard compliance
  • added HTTP-equiv meta header class and interface
  • removed zope.proxy package dependency
  • improved back-office batching
  • remove closed dialog's overlays from HTML source code
  • updated back-office styles
  • use jQuery's multi-select plug-in for internal reference's widget (with the help of a new XML-RPC search view)
  • remove form's error status automatically only if it's not an error status
  • added "CALLBACK" output mode in javascript forms to be able to call a custom callback
  • added "getOuput()" method in add and edit forms to get a custom AJAX output in derived forms
  • added progress bar in forms managing file uploads ; this code is based on Apache2 upload progress module but forms still function correctly if module is not enabled
  • small javascript updates
  • use absolute URL on workflow forms redirections
  • added display of Google +1 button in presentation settings and templates
  • added display of Facebook 'Like' button in presentation settings and templates
  • add "managers" group on automatic database upgrade
  • added "devmode" ZCML condition on manager grants
  • corrected automatic database upgrade code (again, sorry...!)
  • corrected automatic database upgrade code
  • added RSS feeds
  • added roles management dialogs
  • added interfaces and adapters to handle HTML metas
  • added extension in displays URLs
  • changed necessary permission from ztfy.ManageContent to ztfy.ViewManagementScreens to get access to many management dialogs
  • correct dependencies in default skin resources
  • updated database automatic upgrade code
  • add check for II18n adapter in banner viewlet
  • added CSS class for Disqus threads list elements
  • and a few other little enhancements...
  • changed TopicResourcesView to correctly display only selected resources
  • check for I18n adapter result in TitleColumn.renderCell
  • migrated resources management from zc.resourcelibrary to fanstatic
  • switch to ZTK-1.1.2
  • fixed JavaScript typo
  • new ISiteManagerTreeViewContent interface to handle presentation of site's tree view contents
  • changed breadcrumbs handling to correctly get IBreadcrumbInfo multi-adapter
  • changed TitleColumn.renderCell to correctly check title's URL
  • changed permission required to display "management" link
  • added better checking of II18n adapter in several contexts
  • added 'ztfy.ViewManagementScreens' permission
  • added "container_interface" attribute on OrderedContainerBaseView for use in "updateOrder" method
  • added JavaScript resource for function common to front-office and back-office
  • removed many "zope.app" packages dependencies
  • removed ztfy.blog.crontab module, which was moved to ztfy.scheduler package to remove a cyclic dependency
  • switch "getPrincipal()" function from "ztfy.utils" to "ztfy.security" package
  • changed pagination behavior
  • added pagination on category index page
  • added Google site verification code
  • changed behavior of categories 'getVisibleTopics()' method to also get topics matching sub-categories of the given category
  • corrected timezone in sitemap lastmod attribute
  • modified $.ZBlog.form.edit function to add a custom callback
  • corrected handling of topics 'commentable' property which was ignored
  • added IContainerSitemapInfo interface and adapters to handle sitemaps correctly...
  • added sitemaps XML views (see "sitemaps.org" for details)
  • added workaround to display new sites properties without OID
  • moved Google Analytics integration page in default layout
  • update database upgrade code used when creating a site manager
  • integration of Google Analytics and AdSense services
  • modified topic comments template to correctly handle presentation settings
  • small templates modifications for better XHTML compliance
  • added '++presentation++' namespace traverser
  • changed 'title' index default options
  • added interfaces, base classes and adapters to handle presentation correctly inside custom skins
  • added 'skin:' and 'site:' TALES path adapter
  • added warning message when displaying a category without any topic
  • changed topics ordering in topics containers views
  • changed fields list of 'title' text index
  • added missing "content_type" property on sections and topics
  • added 'content_type' index
  • few code cleanup (unused imports...)
  • some bugs corrected
  • resources cleanup and minimization
  • light changes in paragraphs templates
  • Added MANIFEST.in file to handle source package without missing files
  • Initial release

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