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pypm install wxanythread

How to install wxAnyThread

  1. Download and install ActivePython
  2. Open Command Prompt
  3. Type pypm install wxanythread
 Python 2.7Python 3.2Python 3.3
Windows (32-bit)
0.2.2 Available View build log
Windows (64-bit)
0.2.2 Available View build log
Mac OS X (10.5+)
0.2.2 Available View build log
Linux (32-bit)
0.2.2 Available View build log
Linux (64-bit)
0.2.2 Available View build log
Lastest release
version 0.2.2 on Jan 5th, 2011

wxAnyThread: allow methods on wxPython objects to be called from any thread

In wxPython, methods that alter the state of the GUI are only safe to call from the thread running the main event loop. Other threads must typically post events to the GUI thread instead of invoking methods directly.

While there are builtin shortcuts for this (e.g. wx.CallAfter) they do not capture the full semantics of a function call. This module provides an easy way to invoke methods from any thread transparently, propagating return values and exceptions back to the calling thread.

The main interface is a decorator named "anythread", which can be applied to methods to make them safe to call from any thread, like so:

class MyFrame(wx.Frame):

@anythread def GetSomeData(): dlg = MyQueryDialog(self,"Enter some data") if dlg.ShowModal() == wx.ID_OK: resp = dlg.GetResponse() return int(resp) else: raise NoDataEnteredError()

The GetSomeData method can now be directly invoked from any thread. The calling thread will block while the main GUI thread shows the dialog, and will then receive a return value or exception as appropriate.

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Last updated Jan 5th, 2011

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