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Windows (64-bit)
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Mac OS X (10.5+)
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Linux (32-bit)
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Apache License 2.0
Lastest release
version 0.1.0b1 on Jan 5th, 2011

This package contains an API proxy stub to connect TyphoonAE or the Google App Engine SDK to a Redis database.


Redis is an advanced key-value store. In contrast to approaches like memcache, its dataset is not volatile, and values can be strings, lists, sets, and ordered sets. All this data types can be manipulated with atomic operations to push/pop elements, add/remove elements, perform server side union, intersection, difference between sets, and so forth. And Redis supports different kinds of sorting abilities.

Since Redis provides master-slave replication with very fast non-blocking first synchronization and auto reconnection on net split, it is very interesting to be used as Datastore backend for TyphoonAE. This package contains the API proxy stub to seamlessly connect TyphoonAE or the Google App Engine SDK to a Redis database server.

See http://code.google.com/p/redis for further information on Redis.

Building and Testing

Get a local copy of the TyphoonAE Redis repository with this command:

$ hg clone https://redis.typhoonae.googlecode.com/hg/ typhoonae-redis

Change into the typhoonae-redis directory and run the buildout:

$ python bootstrap.py $ bin/buildout

To run all unit tests start the Redis server and enter the following command:

$ bin/nosetests

Using the TyphoonAE Redis Datstore with the Google App Engine SDK

This buildout already downloads and patches the Google App Engine SDK for you. In order to use the Redis Datastore just start the development appserver with an additional option:

$ bin/dev_appserver --use_redis parts/google_appengine/demos/guestbook/

Important: The Redis server must be listening on port 6379.

The Datastore Redis stub also supports the SDK's bulkloader. Thus it should be possible to restore downloaded data into your local running application.


Since the TyphoonAE project uses Mercurial as SCM, you can easily create a clone of it on http://code.google.com/p/typhoonae/source/clones?repo=redis.

Visit the project page http://typhoonae.googlecode.com for further information.

Feel free to join the TyphoonAE Discussion Group:


Report issues here:



Version 0.1.0b1 (2010-05-13)
  • First beta release.

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Last updated Jan 5th, 2011

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