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Celery TestStar

TestStar is based on Mher's Flower but extends the functionality to scheduled automated test suites


  • Scheduled automated python test suites

    • Across multiple celery workers
    • Broker is RabbitMQ
  • Real-time monitoring using Celery Events

    • Task progress and history
    • Ability to show task details (arguments, start time, runtime, and more)
    • Graphs and statistics
  • Remote Control

    • View worker status and statistics
    • Shutdown and restart worker instances
    • Control worker pool size and autoscale settings
    • View and modify the queues a worker instance consumes from
    • View currently running tasks
    • View scheduled tasks (ETA/countdown)
    • View reserved and revoked tasks
    • Apply time and rate limits
    • Configuration viewer
    • Revoke or terminate tasks
  • Broker monitoring

    • View statistics for all Celery queues
    • Queue length graphs

  • Basic Auth and Google OpenID authentication


Flower API enables to manage the cluster via REST api, call tasks and receive task events in real-time via WebSockets.

For example you can schedule a deployment of packages:

$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8888/api/deploy/package/myworker

Or restart worker's pool by:

$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8888/api/worker/pool/restart/myworker

Or call a task by:

$ curl -X POST -d '{"args":[1,2]}' http://localhost:8888/api/task/async-apply/tasks.add

Or terminate executing task by:

$ curl -X POST -d 'terminate=True' http://localhost:8888/api/task/revoke/8a4da87b-e12b-4547-b89a-e92e4d1f8efd

Or receive task completion events in real-time:

var ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:8888/api/task/events/task-succeeded/');
ws.onmessage = function (event) {


To install, simply:

$ pip install teststar


Launch the server and open http://localhost:8888:

$ teststar --port=8888

Or launch from celery:

$ celery teststar --address= --port=8888

Broker URL and other configuration options can be passed through the standard Celery options:

$ celery teststar --broker=amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672//

$ celery teststar --broker_url=amqp://guest:guest@localhost:5672// --broker_api=http://guest:guest@localhost:55672/api/


https://raw.github.com/mdaloia/teststar/master/docs/screenshots/dashboard.png https://raw.github.com/mdaloia/teststar/docs/screenshots/pool.png https://raw.github.com/mdaloia/teststar/master/docs/screenshots/tasks.png https://raw.github.com/mdaloia/teststar/master/docs/screenshots/task.png https://raw.github.com/mdaloia/teststar/master/docs/screenshots/monitor.png

More screenshots

Getting help

Please head over to #celery IRC channel on irc.freenode.net or open an issue.

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