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    Library to map XML data to a Django data model and persist the data in the data base.
    Django middleware class that executes the Node.js JadeLessCoffee compiler on a `src` folder in the TEMPLATE_DIRS directory.
    django-xml (1.3.1)
    Provides an abstraction to lxml's XPath and XSLT functionality in a manner resembling django database models
    Timeout a logged user after a period of time
    hazinses (0.1)
    A simple Django app for connecting AMAZON SES-CELERY AND BOTO.
    django-nvd3 (0.1.12)
    Django NVD3
    happy-blog (0.2.2)
    A simple django blog app that uses django-hvad for translations.
    jmbo-facebook (0.1.3)
    Fetch facebook page updates.
    Sentry client for django application using django-newauth.
    rapidsms-xray (0.5.6b0)
    RapidSMS app for web and SMS split test experiments & event tracking.
    View simple system statistics in django admin panel
    GitHub notifications alike app for Django.
    Gnotty (0.2.5)
    Gnotty ties the knot between the web and IRC. It is a web client and message archive for IRC.
    Django cache backend using pylibmc-sasl
    django-pylibmc (0.5.0)
    Django cache backend using pylibmc
    A django app that provides a template tag and 2 filters for doing syntax highlighting with Pygments
    ralph_pricing (1.2.6)
    Pricing module for Ralph
    Helper Management commands to host Django applications on Windows Servers.
    ralph_assets (1.2.6)
    Assets management module for Ralph
    Package 3326 to 3344 of 3344
    1 ... 132 133 134 Next »
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