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Released 13 years ago
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    pywikipediabot (missing)
    hg-wiki (missing)
    Skin for the CrossWiki site
    Site CrossWiki definition
    aarddict (0.9.3)
    Aard Dictionary is a multiplatform dictionary and offline Wikipedia reader.
    z3ext.wiki (0.4.1)
    Wiki for z3ext.
    zimplewiki (0.1)
    gazest (
    A wiki based community engine
    softwarefabrica.django.wiki (1.0dev-BZR-r42-panta-elasticworld.org-20091021153851-6ijlut5dkxndxw1h)
    A simple but very flexible django wiki application
    Export a subset of a Trac wiki as a single file.
    extra wiki macros for gazest
    aardtools (0.8.3)
    Tools to create dictionaries in aarddict format.
    ikaaro-wiki (missing)
    django-wiki (missing)
    projexplug-wiki (missing)
    localwiki (0.4.3)
    LocalWiki is a tool for collaboration in local communities
    wikiedit (missing)
    Import legacy wiki engines into LocalWiki
    wikibasedatamodel (missing)
    pykwiki (missing)
    dewiki (missing)
    mediawikitools (missing)
    wmflabs (2.1)
    Small library for common tasks on Wikimedia Labs
    earwigbot (0.1)
    EarwigBot is a Python robot that edits Wikipedia and interacts with people over IRC.
    giki (0.1pre)
    a Git-based wiki
    Package 151 to 175 of 177
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