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    sacontext (missing)
    A sphinx theme for Basicstrap style. Using Twitter Bootstrap.
    diffscuss (1.0.0)
    Plain-text code review format.
    textmodel (0.1.1)
    A datatype holding textual data (textmodel) and a text widget (wxtextview) as demonstration. Textmodel does not depend on a specific gui-toolkit.
    wordgrapher (0.3.1)
    Word Graph utility built with NLTK and TextBlob
    birdcage (0.9.0)
    library to squeeze text fragments into a phrase of a specified length.Used mainly to create tweets
    Syllabify each word in the given text
    utter (0.1.2)
    Text-to-speech Python library, with language translation support.
    django-twemoir (0.1.3)
    Twitter data models.
    Marvin_sketcher (1.0.0)
    print the text file inside the floder, testing my try/except function
    Adds support for reStructuredText to a Flask application
    webtranslate (0.1)
    Translate html (lxml based) using google translate api
    texto normal
    design (0.1.2)
    Generates various common web design elements. Borders, patterns, textures, gradients, etc.
    subsample (0.0.3)
    Command-line interface for sampling lines from text files
    instacache (0.2.2)
    Simple program to back up Instapaper favorites in plaintext and html form.
    python-negar (0.6.1)
    Negar is a spell corrector and Persian text editor
    wardrobe (0.1)
    Stack-based datastructures: StackedDict.
    Slather your templates with contextual data.
    swarm-crawler (0.0.1)
    swarm application to extract meaningful texts from any site
    negar-cli (1.0.1)
    Negar Command Line Interface.
    par (0.4)
    A simple structured text parser project
    django-phrase (0.0.2)
    Connect your Django apps to PhraseApp, the powerful in-context-translation solution.
    zot4rst (0.3.0)
    Zotero for reStructuredText
    Package 676 to 699 of 699
    1 ... 26 27 28 Next »
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