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Released 12 years, 8 months ago
Save python methods as tasks and run them again
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    Released 12 years, 3 months ago
    A simple progress bar for long running tasks (Tkinter based)
    kestrel (0.57)
    Released 12 years, 8 months ago
    An XMPP-based Many-Task Computing Framework
    pysjobs (0.1-dev)
    Released 13 years, 3 months ago
    A framework for running tasks defined in a config file
    taskmaster (0.8.2)
    SeedboxManager (0.1.20)
    Provides framework for performing tasks on a seedbox
    upaas-tasks (missing)
    wmflabs (2.1)
    Small library for common tasks on Wikimedia Labs
    parallel-ssh (0.1)
    Wrapper library over paramiko to allow remote execution of tasks. Supports parallel execution on multiple hosts
    django-sisyphus (
    Sisyphus task processing queue django app.
    neolib (1.0.0)
    Neolib is an in-depth and robust Python library designed to assist programmers in creating programs which automate mundane tasks on the popular browser based game, Neopets
    infertweet (0.2)
    Infer information from Tweets. Useful for human-centered computing tasks, such as sentiment analysis, location prediction, authorship profiling and more!
    mtq (0.1.0)
    Mongo Task Queue
    taskcoach (missing)
    TaskTracker (0.4)
    task management software used on coactivate.org
    oc-tt (0.1.2)
    opencore tasktracker client package
    AsynCluster (0.3)
    Asynchronous cluster management based on the Twisted framework, with evolutionary computing tools for asynchronous node processing.
    cloudtask (missing)
    gtask (missing)
    izug.ticketbox (4.5.5)
    A tracker-like task management system for plone.
    Package 176 to 194 of 194
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