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    pomsets-gui (1.0.10)
    Released 13 years, 2 months ago
    GUI for workflow management for the cloud
    Released 13 years, 2 months ago
    configobj-gui (missing)
    pycegui (missing)
    pyunitgui (missing)
    picogui (missing)
    igui (missing)
    easyguider (missing)
    guiu-english (missing)
    gui (missing)
    farpy-guie (missing)
    voicing (1.0.0)
    Python Libraries and scripts for speech analysis.
    diffpy.pdfgui (1.0-r6798-20120508)
    GUI for PDF simulation and structure refinement.
    datapkggui (missing)
    hellogui (missing)
    CLAM (
    Computational Linguistics Application Mediator. Turn command-line NLP tools into fully fledged RESTful webservices.
    pygameui (0.2.0)
    GUI framework for Pygame
    FoLiA-tools (
    FoLiA-tools contains various Python-based command line tools for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation)
    pycogworks.gui (0.4.1)
    GUI functions used in the CogWorks lab.
    plib3.gui (0.9.5)
    A simple Python 3 GUI framework.
    django-style-guide (missing)
    Havaiana (2.4.0)
    A GUI for Ojota - Alows to edit, create and remove elements
    hwit-edit (0.01-r00662)
    Here's What I Think; GUI editor
    guidb (0.1.5)
    Very simple parallel database based on leveldb and zeromq.
    textmodel (0.1.1)
    A datatype holding textual data (textmodel) and a text widget (wxtextview) as demonstration. Textmodel does not depend on a specific gui-toolkit.
    Package 151 to 175 of 182
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