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    kgb (0.5)
    Utilities for spying on function calls in unit tests.
    functable (0.1)
    A small utility for grouping functions or methods into a table.
    stsci.image (2.1)
    Image array manipulation functions
    oBB (0.5b)
    Parallel global optimization of Hessian Lipschitz continuous functions.
    StreetNames (0.1.5)
    Utility functions for handling street names.
    pause (0.1.2)
    A timestamp-based sleep function for Python.
    nirnaor (1.0.0)
    a function that adds from nir naor just to check something
    runfile (0.6.1)
    Extendable program to run, get help and list functions/methods from file with autocompletion.
    prelude (0.1.0)
    Prelude library of functional programming constructs
    economics (0.1.0)
    Functions and data manipulation for economics data
    push_to_talk (1.0.4)
    Push-to-talk functionality for Linux
    Various image processing functions
    IOUtils (1.0.3)
    Functions for input & output
    edpwd (0.0.7)
    Encrypt/Decrypt password functions that wrap up Blowfish
    canvas (0.1)
    canvas is a simple interface to most common matplotlib functions
    Package 601 to 615 of 615
    1 ... 23 24 25 Next »
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