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    moztest (0.3)
    Package for storing and outputting Mozilla test results
    Thalassa (1.2)
    Grid editor for ocean models
    EasyDialogs for Linux
    cmdtest (0.1.1)
    Simple testing for command line programs.
    foreman reads from .env. manage.py doesn't. Let's fix that.
    salut (0.1.3)
    Gevent based wrapper for pybonjour
    swiftnbd (0.9.7)
    This is a NBD server for OpenStack Object Storage (Swift).
    libforensics (missing)
    voicing (1.0.0)
    Python Libraries and scripts for speech analysis.
    A Django app for managing publications.
    Mashery authentication for requests
    pdbcs (0.2)
    pdb for setuptools console scripts
    bottle_pika (0.1.0)
    Pika plugin module for Bottle microframework
    pyramid_pyctpp2 (0.2.0)
    pyctpp2 template bindings for the Pyramid web framework
    hyperion-dust (0.1.0)
    Library of dust files for the Hyperion radiative transfer code
    zot4rst (0.3.0)
    Zotero for reStructuredText
    jhpy (1.3.0)
    Command-line manager and template builder for JHPY.
    ImageSlicer (0.1.03)
    Slice an image into rectangles sutable for tiled printing.
    slbackup (2.0)
    Backup utility for SWIFT object storage
    Package 13276 to 13294 of 13294
    1 ... 530 531 532 Next »
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