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    rerun (1.0.19)
    Command-line executable Python script to re-run the given command every time
    rhevsh (1.0-SNAPSHOT)
    A command-line interface to Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
    roundup (1.5.0)
    A simple-to-use and -install issue-tracking system with command-line, web and e-mail interfaces. Highly customisable.
    scrobblerh (1.0.3)
    A command-line Last.fm scrobbler and a now-playing status updater.
    sqlpython (1.7.3)
    Command-line interface to Oracle
    subsample (0.0.3)
    Command-line interface for sampling lines from text files
    Simple python script to send tweets. It can be ease integrated to another app, such as media player, to send Now Playing status.
    zot (0.1.3)
    zotero command-line interface
    Package 201 to 208 of 208
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